Re-opening session times

Active 4 today who run Newark sports and fitness centre wrote to me last Thursday 27th August at 21:30 I was away for the bank holiday and only picked up their email on return yesterday.

They informed me that they had messed up and that the times they had given me were wrong and instead of the initial new times 1715-1830 for our 2 sessions they now needed us to be 1645-1800. They only realised their mistake after I had had a conversation with a member of their frontline staff while doing a walk through the building formulating our return to pool plan. I asked them to be flexible saying they should honour their initial times in the short term and then we could see if we could navigate to their new times please see below their response:

Hi Leo,

Whilst I understand your frustration, and sympathise with your predicament, unfortunately that isn’t going to be possible.

Our programmes, staffing, code of practices, and Covid cleaning plans have all been developed and budgeted around the opening hours that came into effect when we reopened to the public on 25th July. These are fixed and cannot be deviated from, therefore your booking will need to coincide with the timings mentioned below. (1645-1800)

So with less than a week before we were meant to reopen and before writing to you all to see if this time change was possible  I contacted our volunteer teachers to see if they could move to the new times. Unfortunately too many have said they were unable to move to the new times.

This leaves Muskham in the situation where we just don’t have the number of teachers Available  to reopen in the short term and may also find it impossible to re open in the long term with the new times being offered at Newark sports and fitness centre.

The plan

During the next month I will see if I can get the required number of teachers to re open in October at the times offered by Newark sports and fitness centre, please let me know if your swimmers are unable to make these new times as this will also have an impact on any decisions we make.

For those who have paid and reinstated your standing orders can I ask you to cancel the standing orders Your payments for September would cover the reopening in October if we are able and we can move on from there.

If I cannot get the required number of teachers I will have no choice and my worst fears will be realised, Muskham Swimming Club will need to close. I can only apologise for this situation which has come about from the inaccurate information initially given to me in writing by Newark sports and fitness centre and their intransigence thereafter in trying to remedy the situation.

If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, if I get an avalanche of emails please give me time to respond. Please remember that I like all the other teachers and helpers are volunteers running Muskham for free  around our own busy work schedules.

Many thanks
Leo and The team at Muskham SC