Muskham Swimming Club returning to the pool

It has been a long time coming but finally Muskham Swimming Club is going to reopen on the 6th September!!

Things are going to be a little different and this email is aimed at setting out some of the new normals we will need to implement.

After my last email our new time slot on a Sunday will be 1715 – 1830  – all the feedback I received regarding this were very encouraging, the feeling being that this would work better, so great news there.

Our new normals for our sessions are as follows:

Arrive at the leisure centre

Please note you will not need a card to swipe through the gates they will either be open or someone will be there to open it (please ignore the parts about the gym/dry side classes, they are not relevant to us)

  • All swimmers must be beach ready ie; swimming costumes on under their clothes
  • Only one parent or guardian may escort the swimmer/swimmers to the leisure centre if the swimmer is over 8
  • You may only accompany your child to the changing room if they are under 8 yrs old
  •  This can only be altered in special circumstances and you must contact me directly to discuss, when we can review it on a case by case basis.

Swimmers over 8yrs old – on arrival

  • One parent/guardian can take swimmer/s to the inner door at the front of the leisure centre
  • For the first few weeks members of the team will be there to meet and greet to show them the way. Parent/guardian unfortunately can’t stay in the centre and must wait outside during the swim time. They can then wait at the pick up point at the end of the session but must not go pool side except in exceptional circumstances
  • All over 8’s swimming bags will be stowed pool side in designated areas so please make sure they are well marked with names
  • No showers are to be used before or after swimming, chlorine levels have been increased but well within acceptable levels so please shower swimmers when you get home!

Swimmers under 8 yrs old – on arrival

  • One Parent/guardian may enter the centre taking their swimmers to the waiting area in and outside the changing village and then delivering them to poolside
  • Once the swimmers have moved to pool side parents and guardians must follow the one way system out of the building and then may re enter the centre at the front and wait in the viewing area until the end of the session
  • They can then meet up with the swimmers and help them change (see below)
  • All under 8’s bags need to be kept with the parent or guardian. No bags are to be left in the changing village as this is cleaned during each session
  • No showers are to be used before or after swimming, chlorine levels have been increased but well within acceptable levels so please shower swimmers when you get home!

Equipment during the session

We can use the centre equipment, such as floats, which are being sanitised after every session. However we can no longer supply goggles for those that forget theirs which we have done in the past.

If parents/guardians  feel more comfortable suppling their own floats or need to order new goggles or equipment, please visit 1 Stop Swim Shop  – this website has all the things needed without you having to search endlessly over the internet.

If you have any questions about what items you may need, please email us your questions.

During the session

The teachers will keep the swimmers in the pool as much as possible. Our swimmers will be limited in numbers per group and we will endeavour to keep social distancing during the sessions but as I am sure you will be aware keeping children apart in social situations can be challenging!

At the end of the session

Swimmers over 8 yrs

  • Leave the poolside directly without showering and then change in the changing village
  • They must then leave poolside through the door they entered into the changing cubicles and then walk towards the end door to be picked up at the pick up point.

Swimmers under 8 yrs

  • A parent may re-enter the changing village to collect their swimmer/s and help them change
    (the over 8’s leave via the pick up point following the one way system, so you should not cross paths).

This system has been used by the Newark sports and fitness centre to restart their lessons and they have advised it has worked well.

Are you returning?

Finally and most importantly I need to know who is returning and who is not, so could I please ask you to do one of following options:

  1. If you want to restart as of the 6th September and have paid for a year please email us stating your swimmers name/s and say you are restarting and have paid for the year
  2. If you want to restart on the 6th of September and pay monthly please reset your standing order to come out on the 1st of September/or pay directly into the bank on the 1st of September and email us with the name/s of your swimmers. (Please note I will be checking the bank on the 2nd September)
  3. If you want to delay your start until later in the year email us with the names of your swimmer/s saying you would like to restart later
  4. If you no longer wish to continue swimming please email us with words to that effect and the name of your swimmer/s
    If you are not returning, please contact me ASAP as we have now a waiting list and would like to offer the spaces to new swimmers.

I will be checking my emails and the bank account between now and 13.00 on the 2nd September.
Those who have confirmed via email me and have paid yearly or paid their new monthly subscription will be the group that will be returning to  the pool on  Sunday 6th.

Due to the logistics of getting an initial group started could I please ask you to contact us with one of the four options above as soon as possible.

If we do not have enough swimmers wishing to start back to cover the centre costs, then we may need to make a decision to again delay our return. But I am optimistic that we can get the numbers we need!

Many thanks

We look forward to seeing you poolside

Leo and The team at Muskham SC