MSC – Reopening update

Firstly thank you all who have paid and set up standing orders and it was great to see that some had been able to access some swimming during our long lay off.

I would ask anyone who said they would be returning and have not contacted me to do so as soon as possible please.

A few who had said they wished to restart have decided not to for perfectly legitimate reasons and I have unfortunately not heard from others at all. This means we are short of the payments needed to restart this Sunday, and It would be remiss of me to do so.
I have the clubs insurance bill to pay before we reopen and I do not wish to do so before I make sure the club is healthy .
I am positive it is but I am going to take this week to make sure.

Our new opening date will be Sunday 20th June

We do have a healthy waiting list and I will be contacting these over the next week to arrange tryouts for early July.
I am sure everything will be fine but equally I would not be upholding my duties running this club if I did not look at this carefully.
I thank you for your patience and look forward to seeing you a week later than planned on the 20th June.

Many thanks
Leo and the team at Muskham SC