MSC – Reopening opportunity

Firstly we can start back but unfortunately not this weekend as the leisure centre have no lifeguards available!
They are re working the shifts and so our start date is the 4th July, I have paid so they can’t back out!

However this has opened an opportunity which is down to you the swimmers really.

We have 2 choices we can stay off all summer returning at the start of the new school term Sunday 5th September as per school holidays. But with lots of people staycationing or going away locally we could start back early making up for the 3 weeks lost this June. This would mean going back Sunday 15th august.

If we go back early all payments can remain the same as we make up for lost lessons in June in August.

However if we decide to go back in September we will need to do some financial adjustments in August.

I think the fairest way to do this is by majority decision as it becomes far to complicated to do this on an individual basis. So if you can email me back with either 5 or 15 I will wait until next Friday and tot up the answers I receive and let you know the club decision.

Also I have managed to add to our teachers with a keen parent, a keen younger volunteer and ex competitive swimmer and her father who is already a level 2 coach who will all be introduced on the 4th of July.

I am so excited about the restart and now the final pieces have dropped into place I can finally think about teaching the swimmers and avoiding the paperwork!

I look forward to seeing you all on the 4th of July our “resurrection day” welcoming our new teachers and as soon as numbers and covid restrictions relax the new swimmers on our waiting list.

Many thanks
Leo and the team at Muskham SC